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​North Atlantic Region Awards

2007 NARC Awards for 2006 Program Service Year 

2007        1st Place President of the Year- Small Chapter                                                             Tammy Williams

2008 NARC Awards for 2007 Program Service Award

2008        1st Place President of the Year-Small Chapter                                                              Tammy Williams

2008        Wilma H Tootle Educator of the Year Award                                                                  Jennifer Mitchell-El

2010 NARC Awards for 2009 Program Service Year 

2010         New Soror of the Year (Inaugural Award)                                                                        Reba Blake 

2010        Officer of the Year                                                                                                                        Sara Harris 

2013 NARC Awards for 2012 Program Service Year 

2013        1st Place Chapter of the Year-Small Chapter

2014 NARC Awards for 2013 Program Service Year

2014        2nd Place-President of the Year-Small Chapter                                                            Joyce Malliet 

2014        Launching New Dimensions of Service Award-Pre Launch

                    Award-Family Strengthening-Childhood Hunger, Target III-Small Chapter

2014       1st Place- Ruth C. Easley Reactivation Award-Small Chapter

2016 NARC Awards for 2015 Program Service Year

2016       1st Place-President of the Year Award-Medium Chapter                                         Regenia Moore-Lee

2016       1st Place-Chapter of the Year, Medium Chapter 

2016        Launching New Dimensions of Service Award-Global Impact-Target V

2017 NARC Awards for 2016 Program Service Year 

2017       3rd place-Chapter of the Year-Medium Chapter 

2018 NARC Awards for 2017 Program Service Year 

2018       ASCEND-Target I Program Award-Small Chapter

2018       Environmental Ownership-Target IV Award, Small Chapter

2018       Ruth C. Easley Chapter Reactivation Award-Small Chapter

2019 NARC Awards for 2018 Program Service Year

​2019       2nd Place President of the Year Award, Medium Chapter                                          Aida Roberts-Bush 

2019      3rd Place-Chapter of the Year-Medium Chapter

2019      1st Place-#CAP Signature Program Award-Medium Chapter 

2019      1st Place-Women's Healthcare Program Award-Medium Chapter 

2020 NARC Awards for 2019 Program Service Year 

2020      1st Place #CAP Signature Program Award-Medium Chapter 

2020      2nd Place Target II-Women's Healthcare Program Award-Medium Chapter 

2020      Ruth C Easley Chapter Reactivation Award, Medium Chapter

2020      3rd Place Chapter of the Year-Medium Chapter  

2020     1st Place President of the Year-Medium Chapter                                                             Aida Roberts-Bush

Undergraduate Chapter-Upsilon Theta Chapter 

2020 2nd Place Undergraduate Chapter of the Year-Upsilon Theta Chapter 

2020 2nd Place Graduate Advisor of the Year                                                                             Kisha Pippins-Fields                               

NARC=North Atlantic Regional Conference